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BUY IT NOW!!! Etta Mae Devotional – “And the Rest is History!”

DISHARMONYMATCH.COM – Written by Karen Bankhead, two commissioned productions at National University by two student directors, and selected for the 2011 Broad Humor Film Festival, Venice, CA, September 29 – October 2, 2011.
THE INTERVIEW – Written by Karen Bankhead
Produced by National University for Digital Media Masters Program
PARTY OF 12 – Written by Karen Bankhead
Produced by FCBC

Online spring launch in Girlfriends’ Health Guide!–Look for my article “Running Your Race” Click the icon link below.


Soul Purpose-Inspiration.

Here are clips for my short films produced by National University:
Caveat! (What I wrote and what ended up on the screen are quite different although I found it interesting!)

Karen Bankhead’s Screenplay, DisHarmonyMatch.com starring Kasi Jones

Free Spirit Productions: “To keep our faces towards change and behave like a free spirit in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.” Helen Keller
My latest project is the educational play, “Flies in the Buttermilk,” featuring Maya Angelou, Hattie McDaniel, Ruby Dee & Harriet Tubman, among others, schooling a girl about life and the “N” word.

The“V05 Experience” (Ira Aldridge Playwriting Finalist, United Solo Fest Selection, HBO Workspace, Comedy Central Workspace, LA Women’s Theatre Festival) is available for bookings, in it’s entirety or excerpts. Topics covered: Faith, Inspiration, Depression, Diversity in Hollywood, Black History

Other plays written: “Piece of Cake” “The Time Being” “The Sad Saga of Rayjean Murphree” “Christian Speedy Singles: A Twitter Like Story”

Faithful Central Bible Church Writers’ Collective/Repertory Company (comedy sketches): Jacob & Esau Party of 12 Mary & Elizabeth Abram, Sarai & Hagar Days of Joseph’s Lives (co-writer with Devika Parikh)

Screenplays: “The Children of Good” “Salome’s Great American Dream” “The Interview” (produced by National University) “Disharmonymatch.com” (produced by National University)


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  1. Shut up! I did JC Superstar with the DIVINE Ms. Cassie Jones. What a team. Two amazing talents. You never cease to amaze me Ms. Bankhead!

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