Art and Music…

Soulful Strut

August 16, 2009

Soulful Strut.
Soulful Strut is the greatest song ever.
The original by Young Holt Unlimited is flawless and full of the happiest of memories.
Grover Washington, Jr.’s version is clean and yummy – instant mental vacation.
Swing Out Sister’s remix, “Am I the Same Girl?” is fun and a nice twist.
That song does what music is supposed to do.
It makes me want to finally breakdown and buy myself an Ipod so it can be the first song I download onto the thing.
When I hear it, I want to pull out my piano keyboard and get my chops back.
If it’s playing and there’s a gentleman nearby with a hard chest and strong arms, this little gal might just get carried away. I’m just saying…
When it comes on the radio in my car, even if I’m running very late, I feel like I’m right on time.
Finally, I want it played at my funeral, when I’m rolling down the aisle and out for the last time.
That’s what I’m talking about.
Soulful Strut.

Jackson Pollock

August 12, 2009

Jackson Pollock confounds me.
I wonder about his art. Not so much his talent, but his art.
I try hard to appreciate what he does, what he did.
But, to me, it just looks like jibberish, artistic jibberish.
I sometimes think I could easily replicate what he did by just throwing some paint around.
Because that is what he did, I think.
Who am I to judge?
But still.
I, for example, love to dance.
I dance around the house to various tunes and do magical things, in my mind.
I have a wonderful piece that I perform to Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rollin’ Stone.”
It kind of looks like choreography and kind of looks like something I paid to see at UCLA’s Wadsworth Theatre once.
But basically, it’s just me, jumping around, having a good time, in my mind.
Like artistic jibberish.
I hope Jackson Pollock was having a good time, doing magical things.
Who am I to judge?


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